Day 2 Afternoon is the first level where you can get the white Balloons in Balloon Trip Breeze.

Layout Edit

The stage begins with a segment with a Boxing Balloon Bird and black Balloon Breakers covering the top of the screen, with a diamond of black Balloon Breakers in the middle of the screen, some Balloons, and a few red Balloon Breakers, as well as triangles of black Balloon Breakers coming out of the water. Next, there is a section with two intertwined sawtooth-like waves of Balloon Breakers, with Balloons inside. After getting through that, there is a small clearing with a Boxing Balloon Bird and a Time Stopper, as well as some Balloons. If you have gotten every other Balloon in the game up to this point, you will reach the maximum combo bonus of 10 points per Balloon, with white Balloons. Next is another short segment of intertwined waves before the end of the level.

Starting Island Edit

The starting Rest Island of this stage has a two-story Rest House, a tree, and two Miis, with one inside the house and one by the tree.

Notes Edit

  • The stage seems to be designed with the maximum combo in mind, seeing as the last Balloons you would need are in an open area with a Time Stopper, as if to give emphasis to collecting them.