Day 1 Afternoon is the first true level of Nintendo Land: Balloon Trip Breeze.

Layout Edit

Ringing the bell starts the game and the level. The level starts off with a line of Balloons, which can only be green since the game just started. Later on, there is a small area with a few red Balloon Breakers and a boxer Balloon Bird. There is no weather in this stage. There are no items that come up in Giant Bubbles, unless you taunt the Balloon Fish.

Starting Island Edit

The starting Rest Island of this stage is one of the only two islands with a Bell. The island is also very large, with 7 Miis and a Rest House.

Notes Edit

  • This one of the two stages with a Bell.
  • Since Day 1 Morning is a tutorial, and as such is optional, this is the first real level of Balloon Trip Breeze.