Day 1 Afternoon is the first true level of Nintendo Land: Balloon Trip Breeze.

Starting Island Edit

The starting Rest Island of this stage is one of the only two islands with a Bell. The island is also very large, with 7 Miis and a single-story Rest House on the right edge. Ringing the Bell starts the game.

Layout Edit

Starting Island to Buoy 1 Edit

The level starts with a path made from seven Balloons, forming a short curved line starting just past the left edge of the island.

Buoy 1 to Buoy 2 Edit

The section begins with a Balloon near the top of the screen, and then a Balloon near the water. There is then a group of five Balloons in the middle of the screen.

Buoy 2 to Buoy 3 Edit

A boxing Balloon Bird will fly down from the top of the screen shortly after the second Buoy comes on-screen. There is then a group of four Balloons in a diamond shape, followed by some scattered red Balloon Breakers. One of the Balloon Breakers slowly moves up and down, while the rest sit near the top and bottom of the screen in pairs. Amongst the Balloon Breakers, there are four more Balloons.

Buoy 3 to Ending Island Edit

The section begins with another slowly moving Balloon Breaker just past the third Buoy, with two more stationary pairs. Just past this is another diamond shape made of four Balloons.

Notes Edit

  • This is the only stage other than Day 7: Morning to have a Bell, and of these two levels this is the only one in which ringing the Bell does anything.
  • Since Day 1 Morning is a tutorial, and as such is optional, this is the first real level of Balloon Trip Breeze.
  • The player is able to pop two Balloons before officially starting the level by flying over to the left edge of the screen and tapping them on the GamePad's touch screen.
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