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Balloon Trip Breeze is one of the twelve attractions featured in Nintendo Land for the Wii U.


In this game, the player guides their Mii through a scrolling obstacle course similar to the Balloon Trip mode of the NES game or to the main mode of Balloon Kid. To control their Mii, the player creates gusts of wind by sliding across the GamePad's touch screen. The game is split into 25 levels, starting on Day 1: Afternoon and ending on Day 7: Morning.

The first time that the player completes Day 3: Morning, the game will end and the player will receive a star for the attraction. If the player is able to reach Day 3: Morning on later attempts, they will be able to progress to the remaining levels.


As with all other attractions in the game, there are five stamps the player can unlock by accomplishing specific goals:

  • Almost Fish Food
  • Special Delivery
  • 30 Birds Down
  • Island Hopper
    • Reach the end of Day 7: Morning.
  • Flawless Flight
    • Reach Day 7: Morning without letting any Balloons pass off-screen.


Compared to previous entries in the franchise, the variety of items available to the player has been greatly expanded.

  • Balloons- Similar to most previous games, these float freely in the level, and collecting 10 without letting any escape will cause the rest to be worth more points. Letting any scroll off screen will reset the increase in value.
  • Giant Bubble- Similar to their function in the Balloon Fighting mode of the NES game, empty bubbles only provide points to the player, though can contain the following items in certain situations:
    • Question Mark- A random item which can grant the effect of any other item. Bubbles containing these only appear if the player is able to narrowly escape the Balloon Fish.
    • Capsule- This item makes the player much smaller, which can allow them to easily slip between Balloon Breakers or dodge Balloon Birds.
    • Eraser- This item clears every Balloon Breaker currently on screen, including black Balloon Breakers which are otherwise unbreakable.
    • Invincibility Star- When collected, this item grants the player invincibility for a short period of time. During this time, their Mii will flash colors and will destroy anything the player touches.
    • Time Stopper- Similar to how Giant Bubbles worked in previous Balloon Trip modes, this item will cause everything except the player to slow down for a period of time.

There are also several items which the player can carry. These are optional items found on the Rest Islands at the start of a level, and although they will make the player heavier and make them more vulnerable to electricity, bringing one to the end of a level earns the player 10 coins.

  • Package- This is the lightest of the four.
  • Giant Present- This present is much larger and heavier than a standard Package.
  • Crate- While the same size a Package, it is heavy like a Giant Present.
  • Spike Ball- Similar to the Crate, but has the special property of being able to smash Brick Blocks.


This game was released in the pack-in title Nintendo Land, which came with most early Wii U systems. It was featured as one of the 12 park attractions, all of which being based off of a different Nintendo franchise, such as Mario, Zelda, F-Zero, or Game & Watch.


  • The daytime cycle in this game could be from Tingle's Balloon Fight DS, where there would be different times of day in some levels.
  • The player can tap on many objects besides blocks. For example, Giant Bubbles, Balloons, Balloon Birds, and even Miis and Monita can be tapped on.
  • As with all of the other attractions in Nintendo Land, there is a section about Balloon Trip Breeze in the game's official strategy guide by Prima Games.
  • While the attraction loads, either between attempts or when the player first starts playing, there are various tips which appear. Certain tips can only be seen while restarting the game after clearing certain stages.



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