Balloon Fight Wiki

Welcome to the Balloon Fight Wiki! We're always glad to receive help from new writers, and we encourage you to make an edit wherever you see something that needs work. However, before you begin, we highly recommend reading through these guidelines so that your contributions are good to go.

Basic Guidelines

These are the most fundamental rules that contributions are expected to follow:

  • Only post information that is verifiable and true.
    • Balloon Fight Wiki articles should not include opinions and should avoid speculation.
  • Do not use obscene language or post inappropriate images. Avoid using slang.
    • This wiki is intended to be suitable for any reader. Obscene language, inappropriate images, and slang may be offensive or unsuitable for some readers.
  • If an image wasn't made by you and you don't have permission from its creator to use it, don't post it.
    • Do not just copy images found online to post here. Check the image's license to see if you are allowed to use it, and if at all in doubt, ask the original author of the image.

Article Topics

This wiki intends to be a hub for all information about the Balloon Fight franchise. Because of this, we would like to have pages detailing all of the following subjects:

Although this wiki strives to be as thorough as possible, the scope of this wiki is meant to be focused on Balloon Fight. Because of this, certain topics may not warrant a page of their own although having tangential relation to the franchise.

  • Specific elements which aren't directly related to Balloon Fight, but are from games which reference Balloon Fight
    • This includes characters, objects, items, etc. which aren't part of any kind of Balloon Fight game, nor are they any kind of reference on their own.
    • Examples: Donkey Kong, who appears in Donkey Konga 3, or the Loose Tooth microgame in Game & Wario
  • People who haven't been involved in the development in any Balloon Fight game
    • Examples: Users of this wiki, developers who have only worked on games which reference Balloon Fight
      • Although editors on the wiki shouldn't create an article about themselves, they are encouraged to write on their own User Page! This can be done by viewing your profile.
  • Games without Balloon Fight references which are part of franchises which often reference Balloon Fight

Page Formatting

In order to ensure that the wiki is consistent and easy to navigate, please format any new pages so that it fits with similar pages and the wiki as a whole. Here are some basic formatting tips that are common to practically any page you may edit:

  • Include links to other relevant pages on the wiki.
    • The first reference to a subject should be a link to the relevant page.
      • Example: The main playable character of Balloon Kid is Alice. Jim is the younger brother of Alice.
    • Be mindful of similarly named pages.
    • You may want to link to a sub-page.
  • Include an Infobox whenever possible.
  • Include relevant images near the section of the article where they are most relevant.

Below are a few common examples of pages you might create:

Game Articles

The amount of information needed in an article about a game may vary. Games within the Balloon Fight series should be described to a reasonably thorough degree and include the Template: Games at the bottom, but tangentially related games should be given a basic overview alongside information about how they relate to the series. Be sure to include a Game Infobox at the top and fill out any known and relevant information it asks for. For games which warrant a thorough article, there are a few topics which should be covered. For each of these, if they are applicable and have information available, they should have a heading with the following titles, and in this order:

  • Gameplay
    • Describe how the game is played, including the objective of the game. List the game modes which are available and how they differ or relate.
  • Controls
    • Describe how the game is controlled. List what each button is used for.
  • Phases/Stages
    • Use whichever term the game uses to describe individual stages. List the stages in the game and describe how the game progresses. You may include a general description of what features stages might contain.
  • Differences
    • If this article's subject is closely related to another game, or is a port or remake of a game, this section should detail how it is different.
  • Scoring
    • If the game has a scoring system, list in a table the actions which grant points and their values.
  • Availability
    • Describe how the game was released and distributed. For example, list if it was distributed on a cartridge, disc, tape, or through a digital storefront. You may also list re-releases, ports, and remakes here.
  • Glitches
    • If there are any known glitches in the game, you can list them here. For each glitch listed here, begin with a sub-heading of the name of the glitch, and then write a paragraph describing how it is triggered and how it affects the game. If you are the first to discover the glitch, you may give it an appropriate and descriptive name.
  • Trivia
    • If there is any extra information which doesn't fit into any other category, include it here in a bullet point list.
  • Gallery
    • If there are extra images which couldn't fit throughout the article but are relevant, put them in a gallery within this section.
  • Links
    • If this game has an active or archived promotional website, please provide a link to it here. Only link to websites officially hosted by the game's publisher or developer.

Phase, Stage, or Level Articles

The purpose of pages describing individual stages is to provide a description of what challenges to expect and document where certain features are used in the game. These articles should include a Template:Infobox Level at the top, a Template: Stages at the bottom, and each of the following sections if relevant:

  • Starting Island
  • Layout
    • For phase-clearing games like Vs. Balloon Fight, include this section with a description of what objects are present and where they are.
  • Trivia
    • If there are any interesting facts or features about this level which don't fit within any other section, include them here.
  • Gallery
    • If there are several images which are relevant to larger, scrolling stages, include them here in a gallery.