Enlarged Painted Unpainted Figure

The Unpainted Balloon Fighter figure with its paint coat applied

The Balloon Fight Unpainted Figure was a figure made of unpainted plastic in the shape of the Balloon Fighter.

Description Edit

The figure was released as part of a set of various Famicom game characters that were not painted, and the figure is intended to be painted to match the character in the actual game. These figures were only released in Japan. The figure is made of pink plastic which is not painted, and comes with paint so that you can make it look like the actual character. It is molded to look like the Balloon Fighter as he appears on the Famicom version box art, and the included paint allows you to match the color scheme also present on the box art. The figure stands at around two inches tall, and has a Nintendo Copyright molded onto the back of right-hand arm, along with "Balloon Fight" written in Japanese directly above.