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Balloon Fight GB was ported to the Nintendo 3DS as part of the 3DS Virtual Console program. Since the game was not released in Europe or North America originally, the game is Japan-exclusive, similar to how the 3DS version of Balloon Kid is also exclusive to only the regions the game originally released in.


While there are few differences in gameplay, due to the game being simply emulated, there are some additional features. There is a Virtual Console menu that can be accessed by touching the bottom screen, and from this menu, the player can save or load a restore point, reset the game, or close the menu.

Like all other 3DS Virtual Console games, there was a dedicated Miiverse community for this game, which was also exclusive to Japan. Players could post screenshots from the game, text posts, and drawings to this community.

Because the game also boots directly to the game in Game Boy Color, you can no longer see the GB Memory Menu, nor can you play it in monochrome Game Boy mode or with the Super Game Boy borders. It is also no longer possible to play the Vs. Game.

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