Phase 11 of Balloon Fight on the NES is the second phase with a blue palette.

Layout Edit

The stage is essentially laid out like an upside-down "V" shape of 2-tile wide platforms, with a Flipper at the top. There are 3 platforms on either side of the stage, and on both sides the lowest platforms have pink Balloon Birds, the middle-height platforms have green Balloon Birds, and the highest platforms have yellow Balloon Birds. There are two Clouds, one in the middle of the upside-down "V" shape, and one to upper-left of the stage.

Notes Edit

  • One strategy to quickly clearing the stage is for player one to fly to the left slightly before flying up and to the right, knocking out the entire left side before any enemies can begin flying. Player two can do something similar on the right side, and the entire stage can be beaten before any Balloon Birds take off, at least in earlier rounds.
  • In Tingle's Balloon Fight, the middle platforms and Balloon Birds are completely missing.