Phase 10 is the first stage in Balloon Fight to use the blue palette.

Layout Edit

This stage is unique, as it features four Flippers, and even has Balloon Birds spawn on them, which is not seen in any other phase. There are a total of five Balloon Birds, with three yellow Balloon Birds on all of the Flippers except for the leftmost one, and two green Balloon Birds on the lower two platforms.

Notes Edit

  • This phase has more Flippers than any other in the game. It's also the only phase in the game that has Balloon Birds spawn on Flippers.
    • Because of this, a minor glitch can be done. If you bump a Flipper which has a Balloon Bird pumping up their balloons, the Balloon Bird will slowly fall through while continuing to pump up their balloons.
  • This phase is still intact in Tingle's Balloon Fight, without any real differences, other than being stretched vertically to be on both screens of the DS.
  • This phase appears as Phase 100 (A0), which is the last stage in Tingle's Balloon Fight.