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The Wii U version of Balloon Fight plays just like the original, except for some standard additions to Wii U Virtual Console games.


The main addition is the ability to save and load at any point with Restore Points, which was completely impossible in the original version or the previous re-release on the Wii. Tapping the gamepad screen or pressing ZL or ZR will open up the Virtual Console Menu, which allows the player to reset the game, save or load Restore Points, change the controller mapping, or change which controllers are treated as player one or player two. The game also has a dark filter over the screen, much like other Virtual Console releases.

This game received a dedicated Miiverse community which was shared with the 3DS version, which allowed players to post screenshots, text, and drawings.

50Hz Vs. 60Hz


Balloon Fight (Wii U Virtual Console)

Balloon Fight was one of many Virtual Console games that had a different game speed depending on the region. Because originally the games ran in 60Hz in NTSC regions but 50Hz in PAL regions, the Virtual Console versions were different between regions to simulate this, making the European version slower. There was public backlash over this choice, especially since it was otherwise identical to the NTSC versions of the game. Oddly, the 3DS version does not have this regional difference. The game did later receive an update which sped up the gameplay slightly.


  • If a player were to have the Wii version of this game already installed on the system, they would be able to purchase this game for one dollar.
  • To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Famicom's release, and leading up to the official start of Virtual Console on the Wii U, seven games would be released for 30 cents for a limited time. The first of these games was Balloon Fight in January of 2013.

Balloon Fight (Japanese Wii U VC) Gameplay


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