Balloon Fight Wiki

The Virtual Console version of Balloon Fight on the Wii comes with a digital manual known as the Operations Guide.

Health and Safety

This section contains standard health and safety information and warnings. This section is in every Virtual Console release's operations guide.


This section contains the following labels for how to control the game using a Wii Remote held sideways. In order, starting from the top left and going clockwise:

  • Directional Pad: (⇦/⇨) Move
  • Plus Button: Confirm selection, Pause
  • 2 Button: Flap once
  • 1 Button: Flap continuously
  • HOME button: HOME Menu
  • Minus Button: Select

Button Key

This section lists which Wii Remote buttons are mapped to NES controller buttons. It lists these five conversions:

  • NES Directional Pad ⇒ Wii Directional Pad
  • NES A Button ⇒ Wii 2 Button
  • NES B Button ⇒ Wii 1 Button
  • NES Start Button ⇒ Wii Plus Button
  • NES Select Button ⇒ Wii Minus Button

Getting Started

This section contains a brief description of how to start playing the game, as well as a screenshot of the game's title screen:

At the title screen, press [Minus Button] to make a selection, and press [Plus Button] to confirm.

A 1-PLAYER GAME Defeat your enemies to advance.
B 2-PLAYER GAME Cooperate with another player to defeat enemies, or take no prisoners in a battle for the high score!
C BALLOON TRIP Move from right to left and pop as many balloons as you can. This game is for one player only.

During multiplayer games, each player will need a controller compatible with the Virtual Console. For more information, check the Wii Operations Manual.

Basic Play

This section contains basic instructions on the objective of the game, as well as a screenshot from Phase 2:

Hit your enemy from above to pop his balloon and turn it into a parachute, then hit the enemy again to make him disappear. Eliminate all the enemies to clear the stage. If you pop enemy balloons, break enemy parachutes, or pop a bubble, you will earn points.

Game Over

If you are hit by lightning, dropped in the water, eaten by a fish, or have both of your balloons popped, you will lose one life. If you run out of lives, your game will end.

Game Screen

This section has a screenshot of Phase 1, with several lines pointing connecting elements in the screenshot to labels:

  • Current Score
  • Remaining Lives
  • High Score
  • Lightning

Bonus Stages

This section describes how the Bonus Stages work, alongside a screenshot of the first Bonus Stage:

Each time you clear three stages in an A or B game, you will encounter a bonus stage. Try to pop as many balloons as possible in the given amount of time. You cannot lose lives in the bonus stage.

Balloon Trip

This section describes how Balloon Trip mode works, alongside a screenshot which has the Rank number labeled:

Move around the screen as it scrolls and pop as many balloons as possible, without being touched by lightning or falling into the sea. Your rank will appear in the upper-right corner of the screen, and you will be able to see where you rank among the top 50 players. If you can pop 20 balloons in a row, you will earn bonus points.

Survival Techniques

This section contains basic advice for effectively playing modes A and B, alongside another screenshot of Phase 2:

  • Finish off enemies quickly! Enemies can't attack while inflating their balloons. This is your chance to knock them out.
  • Look out for fish! If you hover near the surface of the water, you might get eaten by a fish! Watch out for fish when you are near the water.

Suspending Play

This section details how Suspend Points work on the Virtual Console. This functionality is standard across the Virtual Console game releases.