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Through the Nintendo Switch Online service, Nintendo released a collection of NES games with the ability to play online with friends. Balloon Fight was included as one of the titles available when the service launched.


As with every other game included in this collection, there are several extra features. The player now has the ability to save to and load from four different save slots, allowing them to bookmark moments in the game to start the game from again later. This is similar to restore points in previous Virtual Console releases on the 3DS and Wii U. In an update, the ability to rewind games by holding down the ZL + ZR buttons was added. There are also three screen filters available, being a 4:3 aspect ratio, Pixel Perfect, and a CRT Filter. This is similar to the NES Classic Edition.

By using the left side of the app's main menu, the player can decide whether to play with one player, two players on the same system, or play online. When playing online, one player must start a game in the online mode and wait to be joined by a friend. Once the second player joins, they can then select a game to play together as if they were both playing locally. Each player also can move around a cursor by using the right stick, which will float over the game and can be used to point out items of interest. By clicking in the right stick, they can also cause their cursor to clap, which will play a short animation and sound effect. If both players have the Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app, the two players can also talk through voice chat.


This port can only be played by users who are actively subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online, which costs anywhere from $3.99 per month for one user to $19.99 per year for one user. In order to play it, the system must have connected to the internet within the last week to check that the subscription was still valid.


  • Depending on whether you get the NES or Famicom version of the app, the box art in the menu changes to match the region.
  • For each game, the player can view details by pressing the X button while hovering over it. This menu will show the title screen, the publisher, the release year, and a brief description.
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