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The Sharp X1 port of Balloon Fight is similar to the PC-8801 port, as it also made by Hudson Soft and has similar limitations in graphics and sound.


Some sprites have different colors due to palette limitations. Pink Balloon Birds now have white Balloons and green overalls/horns, and Green Balloon Birds have a green mask and cyan Balloons, but Yellow Balloon Birds are largely unchanged. The Balloon colors have changed from green, orange, and red to red, blue, and magenta, respectively, with the addition of a fourth green tier of Balloon. All phases use the same palette as the initial three phases.

The music is all melodically the same as the original, but using the Sharp X1's sound system.

In Balloon Trip mode, the Sparks scroll choppily in increments of 8 pixels (the width of a Spark), which can affect gameplay slightly. The water at the bottom of the screen is completely stationary the whole time as well, unlike the NES version.

The game's physics system is also noticeably different. When popping an enemy's Balloon with upward velocity, you are bounced back downward.

The Fish is far more aggressive than in the original, but it still seems to swim back and forth in the water when unseen. The player also cannot go underwater at all either, as you will instantly lose a life upon contact with the water, so the glitch where you could go under the starting platforms is now completely gone.

When Clouds shoot out a Spark, they now all flash simultaneously, although only one will ever shoot at a time.


The game came in two versions, one on a floppy disk and one on a cassette tape. Software-wise, both seem to be the same. The game cost 6,800 yen.

Box Art

BFSX1 Box Art Full.jpg

The Sharp X1 port's box re-uses the art from the PC-8801 version, which makes sense given that Hudson Soft made both ports. However, the only real difference on the front is that the disk icon in the top-left now is marked with a Sharp X1 logo.

The box appears to open on the left side, unlike most standard game cases today.



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