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Balloon Fight was also playable on the Playchoice-10, an arcade cabinet which allows players to play an NES game within a limited timeframe, and the system even allowed for tips to be displayed if a second screen was in the cabinet, similar to the arcade version of Punch-Out!!, which showed match information on the top screen. The games are identical to the NES counterparts. Balloon Fight was re-released for the Playchoice-10 and had game specific tips with it. Notably, this game was released a year before the actual NES release of the game, though Japan had received the game on the Famicom the same year.


  • With some games that had multiple pages of instructions, you could push the Enter button to cycle through the pages. Although Balloon Fight only has one page of instructions, pressing enter does cause the text to transition in as it does when switching pages. Strangely, this isn't consistent over all games with one page of instructions, as others do not react to the button being pushed.


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