Balloon Fight was rereleased for the 3DS Virtual Console for all regions on August 31, 2011. "Virtual Console" is essentially the official service for emulation on newer Nintendo systems, and the systems emulated include the NES, Gameboy, and Gameboy Color are included in the 3DS Virtual Console service. In all of these games, you can use Restore Points, which allow you to quickly save everything in the game at that moment, and you can later go back to Restore Points, essentially allowing you to "Bookmark" a moment in your game. However, using a Restore Point will overwrite your current game, and you can only save one Restore Point at a time. Some games, such as Balloon Fight, allow you to play using download play. Balloon Fight is also one of the select games included as free titles available through the ambassador program. This program allowed early adopters of the 3DS (When the system was at a higher price) to receive a number of free virtual console games. These "ambassadors" would get a certificate application, which was simply a video with an option to allow the games to be downloaded. This game can still be purchased on the Nintendo 3DS eShop for 4.99$ USD or 514 Yen, depending on your region.


Balloon Fight VC glitch red cloud

Palette glitch:

This glitch applies to the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console release of the game and causes clouds and pipes (and theoretically anything that shares the same original (gray) colors) to become red in color.

1. Play the game up to a bonus stage

2. Select "Reset" on the Touch Screen's Virtual Console menu while points are being tallied

3. Clouds and pipes will become red in color.

This glitch has been confirmed to work on the US and European versions, but appears to be fixed in the Japan version. Also, if the glitch is active when the player starts download play, player one will still see the glitch, although player two will not. Quitting through the home menu and opening the game again, the glitch will appear while the VC menu is still open, but it will go back to normal after it closes.

This glitch was documented by Bluestone19.

Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console Balloon Fight red clouds and pipes glitch-0

Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console Balloon Fight red clouds and pipes glitch-0

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