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Arrows only appear in Vs. Balloon Fight.


Arrows have a blue point, green shaft, and orange fletching. It spins as it flies across the screen.


When a player stays on one phase for a long time, this Arrow will be shot from either side of the screen, leveled with the player's Balloons. If it hits the player it will pop both Balloons at once. In this way, the Arrow is similar to Sparks, as they are intended to keep players from staying on one phase for too long.

When it is shot, it will start from whichever side of the screen is farthest from the player. It won't be impeded by any platforms, and doesn't affect Balloon Birds. Although it moves fast, it can be avoided in some circumstances. The easiest way to dodge an Arrow is to wrap around the nearest screen edge.




  • The Arrows use the same palette as green Balloon Birds.
  • In some early screenshots, a strange blue missile-like object was on-screen. It used the same palette as green Balloon Birds and Arrows. It's unknown whether it might have functioned similar to Arrows, or if they did something else.
  • The graphics for the Arrow don't exist in Balloon Fight on the NES, with the tiles where they would be crossed out.
  • An Arrow can be seen in the eShop promotional artwork for Arcade Archives: Vs. Balloon Fight. However, they are not specifically mentioned or explained in the game's manual.
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