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Animal Crossing is the first game in the Animal Crossing franchise to release outside of Japan. It is an enhanced port of Dōbutsu no Mori from the N64, featuring several new features.


The game is considered to be a "life simulation game." The player controls a human character in a village full of animal residents, who may give tasks to the player such as delivering an item. The goal of the game is to pay off a home loan and furnish their house however they wish while building relationships with the other villagers.

Balloon Fight

This game, in all of its releases, includes a playable version of Balloon Fight as an item that can be placed in the player's home. This item can be unlocked by a variety of methods, either as a random reward for participating in an in-game lottery, from a particular in-game store, found buried by one of the town's villagers, or through inputting a code.

This version of Balloon Fight includes all features from the original with no limitations. It is a direct emulation of the original game.

When using this item in the GameCube releases, the player can either play it normally or download the game to a Game Boy Advance using a link cable. The Game Boy Advance version included in this game is very similar to Balloon Fight-e, with similarly "squished" graphics.

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