Alice is the protagonist in the game Balloon Kid

Appearance Edit

Alice is a young girl, who is depicted as having a red shirt, a blue skirt, red hair in two pigtails and red Balloons in the North American box art. In the both the manual and Japanese box art, however, she has a red skirt with suspenders, a white shirt, brown hair, grey eyes and red Balloons.

Story Edit

In Balloon Kid, she and her little brother Jim were making a rainbow of Balloons in the sky, when suddenly Jim was swept away with the wind, and now Alice must find him. Alice also has a rival, Samm, who only appears in Vs Play.

Abilities Edit


Alice's Design from the manual and Balloon Fight GB art

Unlike Balloon Man or Balloon Fighter, she can let go of her Balloons and walk or jump on the ground. She can also pump the balloons back up, in a style reminiscent of the Balloon Birds.

Trivia Edit

  • A character in WarioWare Gold named Lulu bears a heavy resemblance to Alice, specifically her design in the manual. She is occasionally portrayed flying with Balloons, such as in her character trailer, which incidentally also includes a Balloon Bird.
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